Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today was a simply fantastic day and I feel the need to share!
Nothing tremendously great happened but I was in a very decent mood and so was everyone that I encountered today so it just seemed tremendously great.
The new stock for Please came in today and I found a couple knitted sweaters and a pair of leggings that I rather enjoyed so I purchased them which is kind of pathetic considering it's a children's clothing store where the sizes range from new born to 12yrs. But with a 50% discount I'm not complaining! I'm going to buy the glow in the dark dinosaur pyjamas next paycheck I believe.
And since the new stock came in, me and Rebecca were summoned to the box room to hang the bajillion boxes of never ending children's clothing. (Our box room at the moment is actually a large size change room because we ran out of room in the real back room.) But as lame as hanging two year old sized t-shirt after two year old sized t-shirt is, we made it fun. We changed the super cramped change room into a dungeon and the stock room was our castle and we hung house coats on the curtain rods to make an excellent castle-esc door, obviously necessary. And we made a 'Rules' Scroll with a box flap and a mega sharpie, which consisted of the following rules:
#1) The castle is 'Fun Staff' domain only and anyone else who enters will simply be entering a change room in a children's clothing store, nothing more, nothing less.
#2) If either of us is recruited to sales floor, it is the duty of the other to rescue their loyal companion and have them safely returned Any form of tall tale telling is acceptable at this time
#3) The sharpie, highlighter and x-acto knife go backing into the "Help yourself to a Please Mum Bucky tattoo!" box immediately after use because with 2 bodies, 12 cardboard boxes, 378 styles of children wear, 4768 hangers, and a 6 by 6 foot room, things get lost to the point of no return VERY easily
#4) All farting must be done OUTSIDE the castle!! because as fun as our little game is, when another employee comes in looking for "a size 3T in the pink velvet zip-up" and decides that our little cramped, enclosed, with no windows change room is a good place to allow the body to perform it's natural functions, things must be put on hold for a good five minutes with the house coat door removed for quicker ventilation)
We also tried on many of the new items which lead to my later purchases as mentioned above.
Working in a childrens store REALLY brings out the child in you!
I also worked at the hospital today doing a pick up shift, so not one I normally do, and learned that our new heated bases weigh 3 pound each and I lift each of them twice and with a tray count of 350 I lift an average of one tonne each time I do that shift! Maybe soon I'll be able to bowl with only one hand! =D


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