Friday, October 9, 2009

LV in 7

So Las Vegas is approaching very speedily and I'm getting mad excitement butterflies every time it comes to mind! I was helping a lady today at Please and she and her friend we talking and they mentioned: "Did you gamble much? So many outlet stores! Which Broadway show?" So I had to ask if she just got back from Vegas. When she said yes, I did the stupid excited girl squeal and told her I was leaving for Vegas in a week! She said, "Oh fun." That's it. Not even excitedly, so I felt like a fool, but I don't care, I can't wait!

We're staying at Treasure Island and going to two Broadway shows: La Reve, which is by the same man who created 'Cirque De Soleil' except this one is in water, and The Lion King. There's also a lookout tower called the Stratosphere with a ride on the outside like the 'Drop of Doom' in West Ed's Galaxyland except that you drop 1000 feet instead of 120. My mom also really really wants to go to this thing called 'Bodies'. It this exhibit where they have preserved dead human bodies set up and you can see them. Like one will be set up and all the skin will be removed, and the next will have skin and muscles removed so you can see organs. My opinion on it? Yuck. But my mother really wants to, I guess it's a nurse thing, so I will suck it up and go with her. I mean, she's taking me to Las Vegas and paying for everything. Rides, hotel, transportation, food, all tours, both shows, everything! Plus giving me spending money too, so it's pretty much the least I can do. Besides, if it really gets gross I can go through with my eyes closed, and who knows, maybe I'll even like it. There's also a huge fountain with lights and jazz and a huge water show that goes off every night that we'll watch and SO much shopping! There's two outlet malls with 300 stores near our hotel plus tonnes more along the Strip. I have $1200 right now and I'm not planning on coming back with any left over! Anyways I think that's enough about Vegas till I actually get back and have real storied to tell you! It's just been on my mind all day so I had to blog it. =) I don't even want to know what I'll be like before Australia. Or England!!