Saturday, October 17, 2009

back in 5.

I am leaving for Wonderful Las Vegas in about eighty minutes. One of my best friends stopped by shortly ago and gave me a good bye gift, even though I'll only be gone for 5 days [=. It consisted of:
Mini eggs and Dove chocolate (two of my favorites, I am unfortunately a huge chocolate fan)
A tide to go pen
A bag of home made cookies
A pack of the greatest gum ever (5 rain)
A disposable camera that I have to fill with ridiculous photos of myself while in LV and a little Hotwheels ice cream truck. (This was because she wanted to find something ridiculous to carry in my purse so that every time I opened it to get something I would see it and think, "Oh Kelsie.")

So that's that. I will most likely not be posting anything again until I get home, which will be weird cause I get antsy if I go only two days with out leaving a post!

Here is a list of songs that have been stuck in my head these last few day that I will leave for you before I go so that you have SOMETHING to do while my blog is inactive for all you 4 out there who read.
Also you will again have to download them yourself cause I can't figure out why my music won't work, Riordan you will be helping me with this when I'm back.

Lost Cause - Beck
Shut Your Eyes - Shout Out Louds
Naive - The Kooks
Float On - Modest Mouse
Blackbird - The Beatles
Skeletons - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Sick Muse - Metric

Also Circle of Life - Elton John cause I'm going to see the Lion King Broadway Show


domflowers said...

hey, you left a comment on my blog asking me where I got my Friday, I'm in Love picture.

It's a shirt, btw. And I have to ask, how'd you get to me blog? Feel free to not answer. [: