Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live from Las Vegas!!

Ok, just a quick update cause this is costing me a buck a minute.

the weather has been so excellent! It has never once been too hot. It has gotten up to 32 degrees but it's super dry heat (considering the desert and all) so it doesn't feel nearly that warm. There is also usually a bit of a breeze too so that helps. The wind has been picking up more and more everyday and as I learned the hard way yesterday, there is a line where sun dresses are no longer a good idea.
There's surprisingly not all hat much t take photos of here so I won't actually have many creative shots like I thought I would. Sorry. But above all the negative, which also includes no iced tea!, it has been awesome! I have spent every penny I brought plus some and although this city is very overwhelming and crazy busy, I have been loving every minute of it!! It's a very fabulous place and it's so true, this city never sleeps!! I will for sure be ready to be home though when that time comes. I'll tell you all the rest when I'm back home! Love you all! xx ~Jn9