Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For my brother, who needs to hear this from someone.

You see this world through only your eyes
You think you're the shit and ever so wise
Life's a playground to you and the games that you play
You won't let yourself see how you push us away

I can't plan your life for you, nor would I try
But there's a failure to it, even you can't deny
With the chaos you cause and the lifestyle you choose
You can stay on this road, but I promise you'll lose

You won't take advice or learn from mistakes
But God's only willing you so many takes
You'd better shape up if you want to succeed
Soon there will be no reply to your plead

If it's love that you're asking, we'll remain here for you
But if we're just a safe haven to run to, we're through
We're done giving in to your pitty filled tears
We've given chance after chance to change through the years

Please know that we love you and care for you so
And please hear this and stop, let this way of life go
Nathen, just listen, and understand as we say
We want you close with us, don't throw us away.