Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Postcards From Sarah. Coming soon?

I had the most adorable dream the other night!
It was about two people from my work, let's call them Sam and Sarah, who make the cutest couple ever.
In my dream Sarah signed up for this psychology experiment. She and 4 other teenagers were placed in a completely soundproof, fully glass house and it was built in the middle of a very public location, such as the mall or something, not completely sure where it was, may have even been an airport. Anyways they weren't allowed any music, television, phones, or any sound from the outside world and they were not allowed to leave the house. Everything like groceries and such were delivered to them by the experiment conductor. Sam and Sarah were very in love though and not communicating with each other was killing them, so Sarah started sending Sam postcards and when he received them he would take them and sit on a bench right outside the house and Sarah would sit on a chair facing Sam directly on the other side of the glass and Sam would sit and read the post cards from Sarah out loud with her, even though she could not here him. It was such a cute dream and the scene where he read her cards looked like it cam right out of a movie. Maybe I will write it.