Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting away for 5 days helps me think.

An artist is an explorer of the mind.
Unfolding the unknown, visualizing the unseen, hearing the untold.
Deciding for themselves what is beautiful
and creating a piece of work based on a feeling, an urge to create and share.
It does not have to make sense to anyone but yourself, or be appealing to the world.
Art is your thought process transformed into something that others can see or hear.
It is for yourself as a work of intelligence.
To think creatively and adapt your thoughts into a creation is a skill above and beyond what can be taught in school by a woman in a too-snug blouse and pencil skirt.
You can be mentored on how to take your skill and focus it to become what you truly want to express but just can not get out, but it can not be taught.
It is a gift you are born with and develop over time as you see the world and it's ways and as you grow and invent your own ideas on why things are the way they are.
You do not have to be able to draw well, or even at all.
Art can be revealed through dance, music, paint, sketching, poetry, photography, graffiti, anything.
Anything that you take from your mind and release into the world is art, and anyone who is not afraid to do so is an artist.

I did a lot of thinking while I walked the streets of Vegas. Seeing something completely new, whether you like it or not, allows your mind to expand and explore and imagine and that is very important for the creative mind.
Leaving home reminded me again why I want to travel the world so very badly.

I will write a blog about all the crazy Vegas happenings tomorrow, because honestly, what happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas.
More to come, thanks for reading. xx