Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thirteen for thirteen.

I know you won't read it.
One thing I wish I could say to you for every year we've known each other.

1) I miss having you around
2) Everything reminds me of you
3) Some of my favorite memories are with you
4) You always make me smile
5) I think you're an amazing person and nothing you do will change that
6) The most difficult part is that the main thing we lost was 13 years of memories
7) I have no idea what's going through your head and that's so hard to deal with
8) Even after this all, I still consider you a best friend
9) I wish we could go back 3 months and keep thinks just like they were then
10) It wasn't 100% your fault
11) I do forgive you
12) I wish you would put a little bit of effort in
13) I'll always be here for you.