Sunday, December 5, 2010

As promised

These last few days just haven't really been blog days. I apologize.
My parents left the night of the first. They are currently in the Caribbean soaking up the sun and the experience. I'm happy for them but jealous as all get out.
The night they left, I got a message from a friend of mine who hid a well-before-mid-life-crisis.
Long story short, he needed a place to stay while he looked for a place to rent. And as much as he probably thinks it was a favor for him, it was also a favor to me! I hate when my parents leave. I love the feeling of being grown up and on my own, but I hate the loneliness of an empty home. This week I discovered the joys of a room mate!
Nathan is one of those people who to me, is like family. It felt like we had lived together for years, and I kind of miss him already. But the five days he was here, made me REALLY want to move out. I love having a room mate, I love having the freedom of being on my own and I love that grown up feeling that comes with taking care of something as huge as a house! So. I am well aware that moving out with severely dampen the rate at which I can save for a trip, but I also know that as of right now, I am traveling, as well as spending way too much money on crap I don't actually need, such as clothing, fast food and alcohol. If I were to cut the unimportant things out of my spending, I could easily afford to share a place with someone AND travel. IF I were to cut that out.
My goal for myself is to find a new job and ditch Rona, which is giving me a grand ol total of five and a half hours a week. And put away $1200 a month. $800 for traveling, $400 for "rent". (Which should be very possible with a decent second job considering when I first started at Rona I was working 30 hours a week and making $2000/month between my two jobs. This would leave me with $600 spending per month for groceries, phone bill, entertainment and bus fair. well over enough if I control my spending. And I would still be putting away the same amount as I am right now for traveling.
If I can go all the way till my next trip (in April) putting away $1200 a month and not run into any troubles, then I think I may just move out the beginning of May. Coming from a 19.5 year old, this sounds like a plan that should have been execute a couple years ago, but when you have it so good at home, and you have to choose between living your dream, which for me is traveling, and something you REALLY want, it's not always the easiest choice. But lately, I am realizing that if I grow up a little, I can easily make BOTH happen. All I need to do is discipline myself a little bit more. Or a lot more.


I'm sincerely sorry, if anyone even really cares. I just have been busy. With my parents gone, and with having a room mate for the past 5 days. I'll give you an update and I'll post all my missed day challenges once I'm home from work. Promise!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I know. I've been failing on my thirty day challenge as far as yesterday and today go. And I'm going to fail for the rest of today cause I'm in no shape to write a nice long post.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 6 --- A stranger

DUCKY @ [written*sanctuary]

Start: 2121
Music: "Moon" // George Winston
You held my hand when the moon was high
Kissed my lips and made me sigh
Breath lifting up into the sky
I should've known better than to lie
But the way it lifted up to the stars
Even though I knew in my heart
That the promise "We'll never be apart"
Was doomed right from the start
It made me want to lie
End: 2123
Start: 2125
Music: Piano Sonata #8 in C Minor, Op 13 "Pathetique" //
Beethoven (played by Vladimir Ashkenazy)
There are stairs. She runs up each one with her heart in her feet,
racing to see which will falter first and hoping neither does. She
gets to the top - too scared to worry about breathing - breaks
down the door - too worried to be scared about being followed,
not when she's looking, searching, her mother, her father -
"They took them."
She doesn't turn at the voice, doesn't ask if he's lying, doesn't
scream, doesn't yell.
Her knees give out first.
End: 2129
Start: 2129
Music: "Summer 78" // Yann Tiersen
There's a house on a hill
Green and full of daffodils
And a child I used to know
She rolled in the grass
Made her white dress match
The playground that she claimed as her own
I can hear her laugh when I dream
End: 2131
There was something in her eyes tonight
Something in the way it gleamed and made her
Move like she was made of moonlight
Her smile was a play
I didn't have a script but I knew if I asked nicely
She would feed me the lines word for word
Guiding my hands, my mouth, my fingers
Knowing exactly what she wants and how I can deliver
Directing me as to when to stop, when to breathe
How fast and how deep
And I swear I feel her thoughts before she tells me anything
But by morning she disappears
Leaving whispers in my ears
Of scenes filmed entirely in moonlight
Yes, a stranger is a difficult person to write about, especially a stranger that you have never spoken to, never seen from afar, whose voice you've never heard, never even seen a photo of. This defines a true stranger. I came across this individuals blog and I instantly fell in love with their style of writing. Beautiful. Even the chilling poetry feels warm. Simply beautiful. I admire every piece this soul posts. Each one, I can feel, is wrote in true depth, with complete dedication. PLEASE carry on with your wonderful writing Ducky, you are putting people in awe, even if you have no idea.