Saturday, October 10, 2009

Those Deans are a crazy bunch!

I think that was the greatest Thanksgiving get together in the history of Thanksgiving get togethers!
Some shout outs to my loved family:
~Cady Glenn Dean you make me smile.
~Summer you're so big and I didn't even get to hold you cause those Deans are both crazy and huge baby hogs!
~Also would like to thank my uncle for ratting us out on the theft of Aunty's turkey/bear napkin holder! But it should still be a surprise when it gets opened up in the Chinese gift exchange at Christmas!
~And last but not least, Wow Cheryl. Wow. I guess Thanksgiving just isn't the same with out a good half dozen Corona and a bottle/adult sized juice box of French Rabbit. Thanks for the salt and pepper shakers.

;} <3