Saturday, October 24, 2009


I forgot to tell you about Bodies!
That's the human body exhibit in LV that I saw. I honestly did not want to go at all and at first. I was still kind of feeling like I shouldn't be there. I sort of felt wrong to me. But walking through the exhibit and being face to face with a once living man, no glass between us or rope or cage, nothing was, in it's own way, amazing. We were told not to touch, but the fact that if I wanted to I could was so bizarre, and about half way through I changed my mind about it. There is really only one was to describe it. Beautiful. Weird way to explain dead people, I know, but it really was. And the fetus exhibit really hit me. That was a bit hard. I saw real fetuses that had died before birth at about 15 different stages and then one full entire baby that was stillborn. And also a set of Siamese twins that died just after birth. The one that was the most difficult and that I examined the longest was a fetus only 3 months old. A close friend of mine became pregnant and then she lost it at 3 months and seeing how far along that baby was really hit me. Just like the movie Juno says, it had fingernails. and it had all its bones, which you could see clearly under a black light cause it had no pigment in its skin yet, just a clear layer. But you could see every little finger and toe and a tiny face starting to develop and you could see that it wasn't just a blob of blood and cells. It was once a life. It was hard and I cried a little in that section of it but still, it was beautiful and made me think a lot. But it really was an amazing experience. My mother ended it by touching a real human lung but I passed.