Saturday, October 24, 2009

The big ten oh!

So for post one hundred I thought I would post one hundred things I would like to do before I die.
But as I was thinking of things I’d like to do, a lot of things that I have already accomplished kept coming to mind, so I made a list for each. So here it is, a list of 100 things I’d like to do, and a list of 100 things I have done.


1) Hold an owl
2) Adopt a baby from a third world country
3) Give birth
4) Sky dive
5) Get a tattoo
6) Visit South Africa
7) Sleep under the stars
7) Scuba dive
9) Ice climb
10) Dog sledding
11) Get a dog from the pound
12) Graduate from college
13) Be involved in a major motion picture in some way
14) Go to a country where no one speaks English and spend a week there
►15) Go on a serve trip
16) Fall in love and never have to let him go
17) Be offered a large sum of money for something of mine and confidently turn it down because that something is worth more to me than any amount of money
18) Move away, even if only for a bit, and change myself to be 100% completely who I want to be and just start over and see how different my life style becomes
19) Sew myself a onsie pyjama complete with butt flap
20) Complete the “Top ten things to do in an elevator” list
21) For once, not be afraid to show someone that I’m interested without knowing for sure that they return the same feelings.
22) Lie in a field of wild daisies
23) Have an evening so perfect that it could be straight out of a movie
24) Kiss in Paris
25) Connect deeply with a random stranger
26) Be the one to break open the pinata
►27) Go on a full out city wide scavenger hunt with legit clue that lead to the next card.
28) Live in a different country
29) Bungee jump
30) Learn to play the acoustic guitar
31) Design a CD cover for an emerging band
32) Go back-packing for 3 months in Europe
33) Spend an entire day from sunrise to sunset fishing
34) Send a message in a bottle
35) Have something I have created get published
36) Meet all my grandchildren
37) Write a movie
38) Direct a movie
39) Die before any of my children do
40) Start something huge
41) See the world
42) Count the stars until I fall asleep
43) Pet a shark
44) Learn to juggle
45) Allow myself to be 100 percent who I want to be, not what others want me to be
►46) Catch a wild lizard
47) Overcome my fear of wind
48) Learn to mermaid swim
49) Swim with dolphins
50) Have my picture painted
►51) Ride a train
52) Attend a masquerade
53) See the Eiffel tower
54) Go to my high school reunion
55) Pick up a hitch hiker
56) Hitch hike
57) Go hang gliding
58) Learn to whistle
59) Crowd surf
60) Count the steps in the statue of liberty
61) Milk a cow
62) Go cliff diving
63) Go for a ride on a motorcycle
64) Pick oranges off a tree and eat then
65) Learn to roller blade
66) Attend Mardi Gras
67) Ride in a privately owned airplane
68) Be the maid or honor
69) Still be best friends with my best friends now when I’m eighty
70) Give blood
71) Go a full month by starting every day with a cup of tea and ending it with a bubble bath
72) See the Warped Tour
73) Ride in a hot air balloon
►74) Learn to surf
75) Dig for worms like I used to as a little kid
76) Learn to kayak
77) Go for a helicopter ride
78) Give a guy flowers
79) Tell someone a crazy story about why my eye is the way it is
80) Break something so that I can have everyone sign my cast
81) Build a quinsy and spend the night in it
82) Meet a set of triplets
83) Go to a drive-in movie
►84) Stand in a waterfall
85) Throw a dart at a map and go there
86) Get hypnotized
87) Photo copy my butt and leave it in the tray
88) Create something that I absolutely adore and think is great enough to show off to the world and then destroy it right away so that I can be the only person in the world to have seen something so incredible
89) Attend a human birth
90) Build a tree house
91) learn to play chess
92) Ride inside a cop car
93) Have a huge mud fight

94) Take a guy out on a date and for once be the one to do all the planning and paying.
95) Go on a trip to a different country with a boyfriend
96) Back track and fix all my regrets (I’ve already fixed my 2 main ones)
97) Develop a love for steam rooms, sushi, and jogging
98) Write to one of my favorite magazines and have it published in the next months issue
99) Go on a road trip and film it
100) Be one hundred percent happy with my life and the person I turn out to be.

100) Rock climbed an actual mountain
99) Made the first move
98) Been a flower girl
97) Broken up with some one
96) Been broken up with
95) Been to Italy
94) Watched a meteor shower with 2 of the people I love the most
93) Cried over something truly devastating
92) Laughed so hard I cried about something that only I found funny
91) Taken “Kodak Moment” Pictures
90) Spent an entire day with an old friend swapping memories of good times
89) Kissed an eight foot boa constrictor
88) Been on a gondola ride in Venice
87) Been to a funeral, wedding, and baby shower
86) Been told my eye is a tell tale sign that I have magical powers
85) Broken a mirror
84) Been caught in the rain and hail For 4 blocks wearing a white t shirt and white skirt
83) Built a fort and slept in it
82) Been put under
81) Gotten 100% on a math unit final
80) Spilt milk and cried about it
79) Communicated with someone via sign language
78) Eaten maple syrup that I made myself
77) Built a snowman in my bikini
76) Gone skinny dipping at midnight
75) Eaten ants to see what they taste like. (They taste like lemon)
74) Seen a bear in the wild
73) Given money to a homeless man
72) Posed with an Elvis impersonator
71) Rode a camel
70) Planted a tree
69) I’ve learned how to polka, two-step, and swing dance
68) Hiked up a mountain (Small mountain but it did take a good 10 hours)
67) Been white water rafting
66) Seen a still-active volcano
65) Seen the northern lights
64) Found a four leaf clover
63) Gathered chicken eggs
62) Flown a kite
61) Built my own shelter from nothing but spruce bows, rope, and tarps and slept in it for an entire weekend in minus 30 weather
60) Picked out and cut down my own REAL Christmas tree
59) Wrote a post card
58) Received a post card
57) Had a pen pal
56) Sat in natural hot springs
55) Walked though the woods barefoot
54) Eaten wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, saskatoons, and blueberries that I’ve picked myself
53) Been to a grape orchard
52) Pet a 15 minute old cow
51) Road a horse
50) Swam in the river
49) Watched a chick hatch
48) Learned to sail a sailboat
47) Seen a complete preserved human body where everything was 100% real human parts excluding the eyeballs
46) Seen the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King
45) Fired a gun
44) Been in a tornado
43) Brought a gnome traveling (fully intend to continue on with it)
42) Had my picture in the paper on 3 separate occasions
41) Rode in a limo
40) Walked down a snowy beach
39) Danced in the rain
38) Dropped 1000 feet in under 1.5 seconds
37) Been on a 4 seater plane
36) Saved 1400 dollars and spent it all on a 3 day shopping spree
35) Had my fortune read
34) Witnessed my dog give birth
33) Held a day old baby
32) Seen a real human heart outside of the body
31) Played hide-and-go-seek car style
30) Wrote a complete song
29) Crab fished and eaten my catch
28) Poked a sea urchin still in the ocean
27) Found a wild turtle and entered it in a turtle race
26) Received stolen merchandise as a gift
25) Directed a play and received awards for it
24) Been in love
23) Owned a chameleon
22) Held four macaw parrots at once
21) Laughed till I cried
20) Cried till I laughed
19) Had a pet die in my arms
18) Saw a preserved fetus the same age as my friends baby was at the time she miscarried
17) Been whale watching (and saw whales)
16) Stayed in the 32nd floor of a 4.5 star hotel
15) Been pantsed in public
14) Been given a single red rose
13) Dreamt something and then had it come true the next day
12) Stood inside a hollow tree
11) Pet a full grown Siberian tiger
10) Cried happy tears because of something amazing someone said to me
9) Planned a reunion
8) Built a fire (More times than I could count)
7) Built an entire family of snowmen complete with hats, scarves and carrot noses
6) Drank fresh water straight from a waterfall
5) Pulled a legit all nighter where I did not go to sleep until 11pm the next night
4) Drank so many energy drinks that it made me physically sick
3) Have slept with the same teddy bear every night for 18 years
2) Played hide and go seek in the last month
1) Learned to accept and love myself


Riordan Tayles said...

This must of taken forever! But it was fun to read. :) Thanks

Jen(3x3) said...

Thank you [= It did take a bit of time but I started it a long time ago so I just kind of added too it a few times a day. And it was fun to write too [= Doing the second part made me appreciate the past 18 years so much more, it makes you think a lot about you life and accomplishment. I suggest making one for yourself, even if you never plan on posting it.