Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Official day two!

Good morning!

Technically it's day three but we aren't counting it cause it was pretty much dark by the time we got to our hotel from the airport. We are making daily videos too. Or bidaily, or three or four or five a day, so you won't be lacking on how our days go.

Yesterday, I don't remember if I mentioned this, but there was a ma sitting outside spraying the trees, sidewalk and passing by people with lysol! Nutso.

I have grown quite fond of starting my day with a tall iced Starbucks coffee with one sugar and probably the equivalents of twelve creams. Not so healthy but it takes away the bitter =] any ways we REALLY want some beach time since we didn't do any sun tanning yesterday. I'll give you the deets of the day later tonight =]

Aloha! xx

P.S. Our word of yesterday was Ohana. (Family)
And our monday word was Mahalo (Thank you).
Mahalo is still my favorite! I love the Hawaiian language! It's so pretty.


trevor said...

You realize sugar is what is traditionally used to offset the bitterness of coffee? It takes much less sugar than cream to sweeten coffee.

<3 Miss you.

Jen(3x3) said...

I figured that out later on =P I still like it with lotsa cream though!