Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mahalo (thank you) for Starbucks!

Aloha, and good morning!

We have a Starbucks RIGHT beside out hotel with, of course, free Wi Fi. A nice way to start and end the day. It's a funny little place, of the 17 people here, two of them are not on the internet. The sun sets early here so it's an awesome place to hang out before we call it a night.

Here's one, I like to do this one when I'm chillin at home alone, two balls one hand.
Last night we set out to find a nice little sit down restaurant. Instead, we sat and watched a 35 minute street performer. He was quite funny and VERY good at what he did. He did basketball tricks. Not like magic tricks, but like ball handling tricks. He was entertaining for sure, but this caused us to find Subway as out "sit down restaurant due to time and hungry tummies.

I came across this awesome little shoppe! I spend about 100 dollars in it, but everything was so cool and so cheap! and I managed to get half of the things that I needed to come home with so I think it was a pretty successful night for shopping!

But, I think I'm going to enjoy my free daily Starbucks breakfast right now, and then head to the beach, which we haven't been on yet!!

Aloha all, xx