Friday, November 19, 2010

Great news!!

Yesterday when I got home, my mom told me we were getting a bird. I cried. I have always wanted a bird!!! It's a cockatiel. They can be taught to talk and mimic things. This one was my cousins but she can't have it where she's living now. It's only a baby, so it can't talk yet but he copies the phone and your whistle. I'm very excited. We get it on the fourteenth of December after my parents get back from their Caribbean cruise! This next month is going to be the longest of my life! Shawn comes down from Lac La Biche on the 15th after exams so I was already dreading the long wait but now I have TWO thing to wait for! I hate waiting. =(

P.S. Coming home from a vacation and still having to wait a month to see your boy blows =(.
Miss you xx