Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 4 --- Someone you wish you could trade lives with for a day.


This boy is so amazingly gifted in so amazingly many ways!! He can write and draw and design, and film and take incredible photos and he's musically talented and so creative and artsy and jeeze louise just everything I wish I was better at. He lives the life style I only dream of pulling off. Everything he lives, is everything I want to be. Sounds SUPER creepy. But for real, he's living my dream life. Therefor, obviously, the person I'd like to live as for a day. I'd kind of be like teasing myself though, for one day I could live his life and then switch back to my own as if the would were to say to me, "Here, you want it? Ok, you can have it. It's yours. ... JUST KIDDING!! HA HA!" But I'd still take it =P Even just for a day. I'm not saying by any stretch of the means, that I am UNhappy with my current life, no no. I'm wonderfully happy with it. I love who I am and I'm overly pleased with my own set of strengths and talents. But everyone wishes for more, to be just one more step up from what they are, right? Even the happiest of people dream for something better. Jordan Ettinger's life is just that one step up for me. From what I can see from an outside observers point of view that is. Maybe I'm only loving what he presents to the world. Maybe the inside scoop is a whole different story. Maybe I'll will be trapping myself in 24 hours of hidden torture?! This question has many angles. Because along with me living his life for a day, he will at the same time, be living mine. And I'm not totally sure how fond I am of a acquaintance being opened up to all that is Jennine Baughman. That would be a scary situation. So maybe if this question was who's talents would you like to inherit for a day, maybe then I would say Jordan. but now that I really look into this question, I think I can safely say, I would like to be me, forever and for always and keep my life, my own.