Friday, October 8, 2010

up to date.

Usually during this time of year I start to feel down. The cooling weather and end to summer puts me in a down mood while I'm getting used to it but this year seems to be different. Maybe it's because we didn't really have much of summer so the transition to fall isn't so drastic.. actually the fall weather is nicer than summer was. But even with weather aside, I'm just all-round happy! I have so many awesome things to look forward to that everyday I wake up excited and looking forward to life.

Also, I've slowly been falling in love with hard rock. I've always been into soft rock, the classics of course like Cars, CCR, Kim Mitchell, Dire Straits, Loverboy, I could go on forever, but lately I've been craving the rougher stuff, like Kiss and Metallica. Weird. Cause I'm not rough edge like that at all! I mean I also love country, and the Beatles!!