Thursday, October 28, 2010


Alrighty, so about Whitecourt. This is the happenings.

My best girly has a man. He works on the rigs. This stretch was based at Whitecourt (which is located in the middle of no where, FYI). Me and Miss Kelsie Rae headed up there to stay a night, just so she could see him for a bit since he's gone three weeks at a time, and then we would leave the next morning. This plan failed. Just as we were on the highway going into Whitecourt, the doughhead driving in front of us stopped his car on the highway, we swerved into the ditch going 120, and then out, where Kelsie lost control of her car and cut in front of stupidhead, and spun a couple of times across the other lane. Then we scrapped across the median for a bit and finally the car stopped half on the median, half sticking out into traffic. Surprisingly enough, we didn't roll into the ditch, we didn't drive right over the median and into the other lanes, we didn't hit anyone and no one hit us, as we drove across the highway and skidded the wrong way down the road. This SHOULD have been a very serious accident with everything that happened and being on a trucking/rig road with normally very heavy traffic and big ol semis, but we managed to get very, very lucky. We drove down the highway a bit till we found a safe spot to pull in, which luckily was RIGHT outside of our hotel. The whole time smoking like a chimney and making a horrid noise. Once we got out and looked at the car, we knew we weren't leaving Whitecourt the next morning. So we checked in and waited till Kyle was off work. The first thing he asked when he saw the car was HOW did you drive that off the highway?! And so the adventures began. The next morning we woke up and looked in the Whitecourt "phonebook" which in any other place on earth would be labeled a directory to everything rigs. The index at the front read "Auto services and repairs.-See 'Trucks'. After flipping through oodles of yellow pages on rig machinery, and about twenty full pages titled trucks we finally found a few listing for repair shops. Unfortunately, these were located in Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina sask. The closest being approximately two hours away, and with a immobile automobile, about 17 bazillion hours of walking. So we riffled through the desk drawer and found a local listings book that consisted of about thirty pages worth of names and businesses compared to our home phonebooks that are roughly the size of a large dictionary. We skimmed through and finally found a shop that didn't require your repair to be oil rig equipment related. We silently thanked the founders of OkTire and called them up. Low and behold, they were too busy to even look at the car, and said if we wanted to pay a tow, we could bring it in and they could possibly do a quick inspection, if they found a few extra minutes. This is when we went down stairs to the hotel lobby and booked our room for a second night, there was no way we would be out by the three o'clock check out time. Kels texted Kyle and he said he'd call around and see what he could do. So, we were stranded in Whitecourt for the day with nothing to do, no one but ourselves and no vehicle. We heard that there was a mall so we set out for that. Then finally something worked out for us and we actually FOUND it!! Too bad it was a strip mall that consisted of an IGA, a Bargain Center, and a cute little recreation bar with darts, a lounge, and a pool table. And also required ID which we left at the hotel. So we bought some lunch at IGA. A cup of cut watermelon, a cup of grapes, a brick of marble cheese and a litre of chocolate milk. Then we hunted around the bargain center, finding nothing of interest except another plastic grocery bag to switch out the IGA one because the watermelon cup popped open spilling all of our watermelon and it's juices all over the bag making everything sticky and our cheese watermelon flavoured. We wandered around Whitecourt for another hour or so and came upon ol Wal-Mart!! Here we figured we'd feel at home, only it ended up being a dinky little thing that smelled stale and had concrete floors painted grey like floors in the back garbage room of a grocery store. Beauty. But beggars can't be choosers so we bought how to train your dragon, a deck of cards, and Terry's chocolate oranges. The hike back home was a little more amusing, we found this wonderful little fabric coat hanger woman with no head and a very scandalous out fit, laying in the ditch, so we posed with it for a couple pictures, then hung it in a tree for passing by trucker who haven't seen a female in weeks and are in need of some eye candy to glance upon. This was the highlight of out day. Finally we got back to the hotel after being chilled to the bone and getting a tad lost and having to do a wee bit of back tracking. The hotel lobby had a vending machine with bags of microwave popcorn, so we bought a bag of that and settles into our cozy warm beds and watched How To Train Your Dragon. (P.S. I want a Night Furry). Anyways we filled the rest of our with endless games of war, speed, and crazy eights, and a bit of Terry's chocolate orange catch. Once the orange hit the wall a couple times, resulting in the same effect as 'whacking' your Terry's chocolate orange does, it became rather difficult to toss and catch. And thinking that hitting it hard enough to have a tub fall through the ceiling in a rig workers hotel probably wouldn't be quite as satisfying as it is on the commercials, even if we are straight females, we looked around for other tossable objects. Deciding against the flower vase, TV, desk, and fireplace, we found nothing. So we turned on the TV and flipped through the channels till we found a So You Think You Can Dance Canada re-run, and watched that, then Much Video on Trial, (this episode containing not ONE single song we had heard of) until Kyle got off. Somewhere in the Television viewing we got a call from Kyle saying that his father was going to drive the three and a half hours to Whitecourt with a flatbed to pick up Kelsie, me AND her poor broken car!!! We didn't have to spend the extra night after all! We did however, still have to pay for it. So after a nummy supper at BP's and a short struggle on the men's end to load and strap the gibblemobile, we were finally on the way back to our own, lovely, fully populated and activity seeking teenager friendly, city. =] The remainder up this trip consisted of a bunch of thank yous, one pee/fuel break, and a long nap until, I finally crawled into my own bed at 2:30 am. The end.

Oh and by the way, in case you're interested. The official rules to rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock are as followed.

Scissors cuts Paper, Paper covers Rock, Rock crushes Lizard, Lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes Scissors, Scissors decapitates Lizard, Lizard eats Paper, Paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes Rock, Rock crushes Scissors.
Just one more thing we did to eat up some time.