Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh goody!!

Tomorrow is Friday and the start of Halloween weekend!!!
Probably nothing can compare to last years Halloween, but this year should be rather fantastic.

Last years Halloween consisted of:

•House party with way too many people (the more the merrier =D) and a DJ

•Calling Kelsie's long-term-relationship-that-ended-badly ex, (who was dressed as Edward Cullen) a sparkly piece of shit, and locking him on the back porch.

•Coming back to the party after a short trip to a brutally packed Lotus to be attacked by Kelsie (who did not come to the bar because she was still underage) yelling "Jennine, Jennine, I'm SO glad you're back!!!! They soaked the cat in alcohol and tried to light it on fire!!! (They did not. The cat was a tad damp because someone spilled their water bottle. That was what a drunken Kelsie morphed the story into.)

•Kelsie's first case of alcohol poisoning, where she was throwing up in the bathroom, and Michaud (mentioned in previous posts) barged in and locked us in, then drunkenly called Kelsie's father and told him Kelsie had gonorrhea and needed to be picked up IMMEDIATELY!!!! Ending with an, I love you father! (I called him back and corrected that all)

But this year will consist of two parties with great friends, SUPER cute costumes that we spent forever making, an entire weekend with my long distance not-quite-boyfriend. =] (Who I still think is absolutely wonderful), and a goal by Kelsie to not throw up, and not spread rumors of animal cruelty. Plus a trip to the probably yet again brutally packed full Lotus.