Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well this kinda puts a kink in the candle wick doesn't it?

So I have been so extremely excited about my upcoming trip to Australia recently, and I have really started to get into the planning and saving and jazz. I was going to look up things to do in the areas we were staying in and stuff but Makaila hadn't told me yet where exactly her Aunts lived so I didn't know where to even start. But I conveniently ran into Makaila in the pool hall yesterday and so I asked her where we were going to be staying in Australia and this was he response, "Oh, actually I don't think I'm going to Australia anymore. A trip to Cambodia, and Indonesia and Thailand came up and I really want to go on that so yea."
And to top it all off she didn't even say "Oh actually I found a trip that we could go on instead together!" She just up and cancelled all together and didn't include me at all in her new plans and she didn't even apologize for cancelling, she just got mad at me and told me I had no reason to be angry and then started listing off things I did wrong.
I seem to be losing best friends left and right here.
I am hopefully going to go to England earlier now though and staying an extra month there and I'm thinking of a little short trip to Mexico for maybe two or three weeks too.
Anyways I just thought I'd post about it cause I've been kind pissed about this for the last 24 hours or so.
Maybe now I can afford to buy myself a nice camera before I start traveling.


Riordan Tayles said...

england is better anyways. fuck her.

mrsmartin said...

Agreeed. We are going to have such an amazing time, Europe is fantastic.