Saturday, November 14, 2009

Three do-nots to keep happy

Do not try on your grad dress from 4 months ago because when you put it on and realize that it is about an inch too small even when your mother is tugging it with all her might, it really puts a damper on your self esteem. (Also, do not just assume that your grad dress from 4 months ago will fit and leave it till last minute the night before your best friends formal-dress eighteenth birthday supper to try it out.
Do not go to an all night toga party when you are required to be awake and functioning in your place of work at nine am the following morning, and if you do, do not expect second looks from charming guys when you are wearing last nights make up, a bed head hair-do, and a last minute 'this looks clean, I think' outfit.
Do not allow your best friend to sit there and list off things that you have been doing wrong. It works out much better if you surprise her and tell her to shut up, stop being a bitch, and realize that she's not right every time about everything. This way, you BOTH get out your anger and you both realize that neither one of you is perfect and that's why you were best friends so start off with.
Keep these few things in mind and your day will go better than mine did guaranteed! ;)