Sunday, November 8, 2009

New love

I have recently fallen in love with leggings and plaid flannel shirts with a printed T underneath. Definitely the comfiest style ever. I bought a plaid flannel Vans shirt when I was in Vegas and it sparked a new addiction! Now I'm hooked. I have bought two more since I've been back. (Both from the boys section of Please Mum..) I have always been drawn to this style on others, especially guys! (Minus the leggings part.) But I finally tried it on for myself and I'm never going back! [=


Anachronoxxx... said...

plaid flannel is where it is at.

thank you for the kind words about my album! indeed, as i become more familiar with writing and composing i've been trying to write more lyrical stuff -- there are some vocals peppered throughout the music but they're minimal (and i could go on and on and on about my music so i shall spare ya haha)

get me your address sometime and i'll send you a CD!