Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A toast to good times.

I recently did a major clean on my room. One of those ones where every box, drawer, shelf, nook, and cranny gets cleared out, and in my organizing I found my CD stash of every burnt CD I've ever owned! The count is way above 100. There's EVERYTHING on these!! I've got CDs from Makaila and a couple from Janine and one from Cady filled with Disney music! So I sung along to Hi-Ho with the dwarfs and attempted to whistle cause I've been practising and soon I'll be able to cross it off of my "100 things before death" list. [=
I love finding old memories. One of the CDs I found was one of all the songs the reminded me Cady and Liam of Long Lake Camp and past JFW days. And almost every single one of these CDs brought back some sort of memory. They are really like finding an old photo album from years ago and looking through it.
I think I'll hit the storage room next and take a rummage through there and see what else I can find that makes me smile. I know we have heaps of photo boxes tucked away somewhere from before digital took away our drive to print holdable photos, that are in need of a digging out.
So here's to all my long time friends that have memories hidden about. I love you all and every good time we've had! I'll never forget any of you!