Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've never even been to England but it's stuck in my head

I constantly find myself thinking about England lately, and I can see myself living there more and more each day. I'm definitely considering school over there. I don't really feel like I was created to live here, it doesn't fit. I don't fit. When I see pictures taken in England, or music by English artists, or movie filmed in the UK, the only thing I can think is, "That's so me!" My best friend can see it too, but I don't think a lot of other people can. Cause this is Canada, not England, and I can't be totally 100% myself here without feeling like a fool. I feel very much the same about New Zealand too, and Nanimo BC (which I know is still Canada but it's so original, and there's so many different styles of people there that you could be from Jupiter and still feel at home). But we'll see where I end up, I'm beginning to almost guarantee that it won't be here though.