Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I don't want to love you, I just want to be your friend.

Everything about you is so gosh darn wonderful, but you don't see it.
Everything you do leaves me full of awe.
I'm envious of all the things you have accomplished, but you're unaware that they are accomplishments.
I see you for who you are, because I myself, hide behind the same wall.
You inspire me to keep up with the dreams I have and to be proud of the things that I love, no matter how bizarre and non-mainstream they may be, but you have no clue that I look up to you this way.
You're creative, visual, fun, and easy to be around, yet you're tense, and I feel it.
You don't understand how many admirable traits you have, and you won't let anyone tell you.
Maybe I have you all wrong..
Or maybe you just need to give yourself more credit.