Monday, September 14, 2009

I love my best friends but they all need more than I can give them right now. I guess the best I can do is be that 3 am shoulder that they all seem to need lately.
This is all I can do:

Janine - I'm sorry that the one thing that is making you the happiest right now, is hurting other people and, in return making you feel horrible. You're not a horrible person, don't let someone else angry words tear you down and don't let anyone else stop you from loving what you've got.

Makaila - I know it's hard when the one you love believes his friends rumors over your truth. I'm sorry that he won't open his eyes and see that you could never do anything to hurt him and that what you say to him is completely 100% true. Please never allow yourself to slip away just because one boy made a stupid mistake. Keep living your life, with or without him.

Kelsie - I wish there was something I could do to stop all the lies. The hardest thing has got to be when someone ends it all and then you find that everything they said to you over the past few months has been nothing but lies. There is someone out there, and someday you'll find him, who will never treat you badly.

I love you ladies and NEVER forget that. The most important thing for anyone to have is great friends and I'm very grateful for you three. I love you <3>