Monday, August 17, 2009

non-lactose intolerance

I gave up my most favorite thing in the whole world about 6 months ago. Milk. I was having some problems with my innards so we (me, my mother who is a nurse, and my friend who is lactose intolerant) decided that I was intolerant to milk. I stopped drinking it, or attempted to, and also tried my hardest to stop eating foods with lactose in them, so anything with cheese, milk or cream. Which is a LOT of delicious food. It really sucked. No Starbucks frappichinos, no pizza, no ice cream cake, no Denny's cheesy omelets, no chocolate milk, no cheddar on my Subway subs, no cream of broccoli soup, no pudding, no cereal, no ANYTHING!! It was horrible. But not eating milk products seemed to help settle things down inside, so I went with it. ((sometimes I cheated..)) Then the doctor told me she wanted to do a blood test to be sure that's what it was. Guess what? No intolerance to milk. Something else is bothering my middle. Chromes, Celiacs, IBS? Who knows. But I just wasted months of my life dying cause I couldn't have ANYTHING. When really I could have. Never self-diagnose yourself with anything. It sucks to be wrong.