Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My travel plans at a glance.

First stop: Wherever I choose in the states for a 3 night shopping spree in October or late September, to reward me for living through 18 years or life. Courtesy of my loving mommy (=.

Second stop: Australia. For the month of January. My friend has close family friends there so we won't have to pay for rooming and hardly anything for food.

Third stop: Two or Three weeks in England in March to visit a friend.

Fourth stop: Three week road trip to California in May to hit many different theme parks, 12 in total. One week scenic route along the coast home.

Fifth stop: Hopefully still a month or two of backpacking through Spain around the months of November/December/January/February. Although some guy/girl friend issues have occurred with this travel buddy and myself so hopefully everything is back to normal and this trip is still a go.

Sixth stop: Undecided. But my two most wanted trips are New Zealand and South Africa, so once I'm done the above list, I will go where I MYSELF truly want to go, other than agreeing with others and going to their #1's. Not that I am complaining in anyway about my future plans, it's just not my first choice.