Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have discovered the joys of being out going, carefree, and confident!

Not that I wasn't all of these things before, I just didn't put them to use at Billy Bob's, which, for anyone who doesn't know, is a local country bar, more of a pub with a small dance floor, not like a night club. I never used to enjoy it, I actually used to hate it. I didn't know how to two-step, and I'm not a cowgirl and I just sat there and looked angry 99 percent of the evening. This does not equal an enjoyable time. But the other night, me and my Best girly Kelsie went out to Billy's with our friend Sara. We didn't want to be there, we wanted to go to Lotus (an overly crowded night club, where we feel more at home.) Sara said we could leave as soon as we danced with 4 different guys between the two of us. Anything to get out of Billy's we thought! So we hunted down some boys. But once we set out looking for partners and got on the floor we actually started to enjoy our selves, and our two guys each turned into three and then 4 and pretty soon we didn't want to leave at all! We stayed till close and had a wonderful time! Last night we went to Billy's again and actually danced and once again enjoyed ourselves, and we discovered that it really doesn't matter if you know how to two step because neither do 75 percent of the people there!

I remember when I was in school and our Careers and life management teachers were telling us about confidence and how if we pretended we loved ourselves and walked tall that eventually we would trick our minds and we would slowly become confident for real. Well it works the same way with having fun! If you pretend you are having an amazing time even if you just want to get the heck out of the country bar, people see that and react positively, and at some point you realize that the pretending stopped and you really ARE having a good time!
Hard to believe that I actually learned something important in school!