Monday, September 6, 2010

And again.

I think I'm taking another blogging break.
I will leave you with a little bit of info.

1) I am looking VERY forward to Brenton's 18th!!! - On the 18th of September, a gong show will go down. And it will be a very memorable night that most of the attendees probably won't remember.
2) I am extremely sad that someone whom of which I really enjoyed spending time with still has not talked to me. -I am calling it quits my friends, it sucks and I would give almost anything to turn it around, but this someone obviously has made up their mind, so I will leave them be with their choice and step back.
3) My travel situation has, once again, changed. - I'm not even going to bother posting what's happening now until I myself know for sure.
And 4) My mind is streaming with bucket loads of creativity, but my motivation is taking it easy for a while. - Nothing new had managed to make it out of my head and into the real world. Hence, this break.

See you all soon, except that I'm almost positive that even my one and only loyal reader has finally found something else to do other than sit and read my life's ramblings.