Monday, May 3, 2010

A tad late.

I love people watching!

Roughly a month ago, I went for a stroll around the lovely Bower Ponds and then sat myself on a bench to relax. While doing so, my eyes focused on a tattered old man. Wearing clothing that showed he probably wasn't fitting in with the wealthy. He was sitting alone and just staring at a Timmie's Roll Up the Rim cup. He stared for a good few minutes and then slowly, very slowly, proceeded to roll his rim. He looked very very hopeful, and honest to goodness, he even had his tongue sticking out a little. When the rim was finally rolled a grave look of disappointment washed over him. He sat there for a little bit longer and then stood and walked his cup over to the garbage. I have never seen anyone look so devastated over an empty coffee cup. But it was a very entertaining show.


David Shorten said...

Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim is pretty much the devil. I'm very surprised at how well it works too. Deidra bought like fifteen drinks this season and got nothing.
Tim Hortons: 1
Public: 0

Jen(3x3) said...

Lol yes sir! I've never won anything either.
By the way! I am very thrilled to know that you still read this even though I've been slacking =D
You made my terrible night a bit brighter =]