Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A penguin is not a flightless bird. He just flies across a different horizon.

I watched the Disney movie Oceans in theatres the other day and it was beautiful. I love those movies and the filming in them. I would give anything to be part of the earth like that. To be millimeters away from a shark and feel no need for fear. Or to dance with the jellyfish, or play tag with the dolphins. I envy the marine biologists who are given the opportunity to encounter the world like that.
One thing that struck me as peculiar though was during the penguin scene, hundreds of penguins jumped into the ocean and they went from an awkward waddle on land to a place where they were the most gracefully, and beautiful things. And then the narrator spoke, just as they all flawlessly dove in and soared through the ice blue ocean. He said, these flightless birds are at home under the ice. And all I could think was, "How can you look at those birds and tell me they are not flying? How can you look at that and name it a word of such failure as 'flightless'. A winged creature who cannot fly seems so wasteful. But these birds are not. The are graceful and majestic. And they DO fly. They just fly across a different horizon. They are creative and resourceful. And they DO fly.