Thursday, May 13, 2010


In just over 2 months I will be getting on an airplane and flying to the Honeymoon capital of the world! Niagara Falls I am coming for you!
My plan is to purchase a very nice camera before my trip so I can have some legit pictures to show you. The first part of the trip, 7 days will be a serve trip. Like a mini mission trip. Painting shelters, working for habitat for humanity, women's homes, soup kitchens, that sort of jazz. Then me and Kelsie Rae are treating ourselves to a 5 night stay in Toronto since it will only cost us about 100 extra a day plus spending. We raise money for the serve trip, so the whole first week is only 350. That's including everything. All travel, air fair, accommodations, food, sessions, our day trip to the falls themselves, everything!
I am very thrilled for the week in Toronto, but to be honest, I'm more looking forward to the serve trip I think.
Anyways that's what I'm looking to in the nearest future.

Also, Jordan Ettinger, if you're still out there, I have patiently been walking to the mail box everyday, awaiting you letter but alas it has not come. I strongly believe you should get on that.

Take care all, have a wonderful sleep.