Monday, August 2, 2010

No words are suitible enough to title this post.

When I see something beautiful, and amazing, I just want to let the whole world know how wonderful it is, but words are never enough. We over use great words and we minimize their meaning by misusing them. That's why the things we see and feel that are simply breath taking can never be explained to another. And that is why poets have such talent. A poet can take the same old boring words we all hear everyday and create indescribably beauty out of them. They can put a twist on them, use them in a new order and a different context and bring back the initial meaning behind them and show us with words only, just what they see and feel. With just a bunch of ink on a piece of paper, we can feel the magic that the poet felt and understand the majesty of it.
So if you are a poet consider yourself among the lucky to have the talent to reach out and touch peoples hearts in a way much of the world has forgotten how to do. And thank you for keeping the magic in words alive.