Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dr, can you see what's wrong?

I've shown you more than I wanted you to see,
I've told you things I never wanted to share.
I've asked for your help when no one else was there to plead to.
I have weaved you into my life in a way that I never expected to.
I have looked past all of your flaws and helped you to embrace you strengths.
I've let you in in a way that I have not allowed many.
But you have not recognized this and you don't seem to appreciate.
You take my simplest mistakes and you expand them to unforgivable measures.
I am not going to be the first to give in. Not this time.
If this is all you have to give back to me then I will unwind you from my life.
You have returned nothing to me. And I am starting to see this.
I guess you need no one.
Is anyone waiting at home for you?