Thursday, July 1, 2010

Land Called Lost

If you can no longer feel the fire's chill,
Or become mesmerized by the river's flame,
If you want to dance until the earth learns how to sing,
Then come to a land called Lost with me.

Just want the needs of a thousand others,
And need the wants of few.
And obtain a knowledge that no one has,
To enter a land called Lost, with me.

Listen to the wind until your ears are blinded,
Gaze up to the pure sky till you can no longer hear.
Hold my hand until tomorrow never comes,
You're headed to a land called Lost with me.

Reach for the things that can not be grasped,
And yell out to those who are unable to hear.
And feel as you are embrace without touch,
For you're in a land called Lost with me.