Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life up to date.

1) I have developed a new love for video cameras and filming random happenings of my life.

2) I lost my point and shoot about 6 months ago. I bought a new one today. Literally 15 minutes after I got home from Best Buy, I found my MIA camera!

3) I have a 65 dollar cowboy build-a-bear that sings romantic Jonas Brothers songs, that I now do not know what to do with because boys, unfortunately, do have the ability to change their minds, and I do not have the ability to return it.

4) I miss all my new friends back in Ontario.

5) My wonderful new sleep schedule that I have obtained over the past 2 weeks in Ontario has vanished due to my best friend being legal again now that we are back in drink-at-age-18 Alberta.

6) My friend from BC is coming for a visit with her new 2 week old beautiful baby girl who I am overly excited to meet!

7) Mosquitoes suck ass.