Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mais hier est derrière nous.

A lion rages, a volcano erupts, one hundred fireworks go off. A gun fires multiple times and a bomb explodes with force enough to collapse entire towns.
Painted smiles, scripted words, mimicked laughs, and thoughts uncensored.
Basic needs, piling wishes, and multiplying desires. Unfulfilled.
Emotions, memories, dreams, trapped words and knowledge of truth untold. Bound to one single, fragile mind.
Weakness and an abundance of a new found sense of falsehood
Tomorrow will come, but that's not always a positive phrase.
Yesterday held the coo of a songbird, and crashing waves. Rising suns, falling stars and perfectly formed snowflakes.
Each day a new ambition and flooding goals.
True happiness felt from within, great moments to cherish forever, fantasies exploding from an eager soul.
A strong heart, mind and outlook.
But yesterday is behind us.