Thursday, June 18, 2009

New buddy

I have decided that I want to get another chameleon. I had one a while back and it was by far the best critter ever!
I want a different kind this time though. Last time I had a meditteranian and it was shades of green and brown, I want something more non-neutral this time.
I was looking at some different types of panther chameleons and these are some I came across.Sambava
Nosy B
Red Bar Ambilobe
Blue Bar Ambilobe

Blue Bar Ambilobe
But then I saw this guy randomly on google images not a website and I like him the most of all...
But of course I have no idea what kind it is so buying him will be a struggle.


Chamaeleon said...

Even it might be a bit late, i can help you finding this chamaeleon species. I am nearly sure that the picture shows a furcifer lateralis lateralis aka Carpet Chamaeleon !