Thursday, June 11, 2009

Au revoir PM, you'll be missed.

Today we had our final presentation of The Puppet-Master. And I think, due to all the mishaps, it went quite well. We had to hunt for costumes that had been left in the washer, improv the lights AND sound because both cue sheets were conveniently misplaced, and a few lines were forgotten but thankfully corrected without being noticeable to the audience. Everything worked out in the end though, and all in all it was a pretty fantastic show, which is saying a lot cause it was definitely the worst performance we've had. I'd also like to congratulate The Still Alarm on their final show. They as well, I believe, had a couple small dilemmas such as missing props but their cover ups only added to the great comedy of it all, so certainly nothing to be regretful of. I'm sad to see the show come to an end. I'm going to miss having something like that to proudly work on and I'm certainly going to miss my cast, but it was a jolly jaunt, and it brought some great giggles and many memories. Good luck to the next folk who challenge it.