Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My life needs changing.

I feel the need to break out and change my life style. laze less, live more, be who I am.

I have 3 things that have been muchly on my mind lately.

One) You-know-who is still causing a void in my life, still not talking. I have for once and for all decided to forget it. I am going to accept it. Everything happens for a reason right? I must be better off without having him as a friend, if he's supposed to be in my life, he'll come around.
Two) I'm tired of being single. It was fun and I really enjoyed being carefree and independent for this past little while but I'm ready to settle down again. But I also really want to wait for that perfect someone this time and not settle, so even though I want a boy, I'm going to hold out for the right one.
Three) I need to do something drastic. I feel like this summer was too.. safe. I want a bit of excitement that brings a real rush, and soon. I'm getting very restless.

Thank you for being in my life =]


maya said...


excitement is good, the right boy is definitely good, and everything does happen for a reason.

i love your blog, your a good writer.