Monday, November 23, 2009

Wal-Mart = inspiration!

Alright, so today me and my best friend Kelsie Rae were at the infamous Wal-Mart, and we are the type to make fun anywhere. We were just casually walking through the isles when we spotted a wicker/willow deer. This thing came up to my waist at least. I guess it must have been some lawn ornament or something but we both walked past it and about 10 feet later we stopped looked at each other and turned around to get it. We drug it around Wal-Mart with us for a good few minutes while we hunted down a place to leave it. We both agreed that the the end of the towel isle where there are giant rug display frames that flip back and forth like the wall poster display was a good place to wedge our find. So we left him there and chuckled as we continued our shopping.

A few minutes later I found a super cute sweater dress and decided I was going to try it on. So we went to the change rooms and I put it on and decided I wanted to try it with leggings. Unfortunately, today was the first day in a very long while that I decided to wear jeans instead of leggings. Luckily, Kelsie was wearing a pair, so she came in and gave me hers. We looked in the mirror and decided again that something was not right, so I asked her to get me the other color of dress cause the one I had looked kind of grandma-ish. She looked down at her bare legs and said, "Umm...Ha ha, yea sure, why not." (This is how I know she's my best friend) She pulled her t shirt down as far as it would go, put her boots back on and walked out into Wal-Mart to get me the other color. [= She looked like a ridiculous schmuck, but I love her for it!
And thank you Wal-Mart for allowing us to gain some great memories to remember for years to come!