Monday, September 14, 2009

I told myself that I was going to turn 18 again next year, but 19 is starting to sound ok.

My friend Aaron turned 19 so for his birthday we had a 5 hour paint ball session, then we went back to his house and had some drinks, hot tubbed, and sat around the fire till we finally went to bed at about five. 3 of us stayed the night and the next day we woke up at 3 pm and lazed around all day only getting out of bed to eat then returning to watch/sleep through Pirates 3. At about 8 at night we though maybe we should do something productive so we set up a giant slip and slide on Aaron's green and called some more people to come over. Slip and slided for about an hour, hot tubbed, walked to sev, finished pirates and now I'm finally home. It was a pretty awesome 2 days and I met some sweet new kids that I'm looking forward to hanging out with again. (=